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Avoid mixing units of analysis without strong justification.

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The outline below presents a general form that most articles published in sociology journals follow. What I really want to see from an introduction is a brief account of how the student is approaching the question at hand, what key questions the essay will address, and what answer the student will come to at the end of the essay.

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You might focus on individual human actors, studying the way that people are affected by the globalizing world. It may be based on participant observation, on secondary analysis of social surveys, or some other source. Papers should be compact with a strong thesis and a clear line of argument.

In many ways, you can read the assignment as a grading rubric--if you fail to do what is asked of you, it is likely that your grade will suffer. Therefore, it may be helpful to give a quick introduction to what sociologists do.

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Making an outline breaks the task down into smaller bits which do not seem as daunting. Presentation of the results of data analysis including explicit reference to the implications the data have for the research question. Hairston, Maxine and John J. By choosing a topic, doing the research, and writing the paper you take control over a vital part of your own education. That is certainly a tall order, but it is the basis of all effective sociological writing. Each of these genres has an individual style you will need to learn. If you are asked to argue for or against a particular perspective or theory, this generally means your opinion should be grounded in evidence and logic, rather than personal values or beliefs. It might be that you have quite a command of English and want to show off your knowledge of polysyllabic or unusual words, or it might be that you wish to imitate the sociological writers whom you admire. You need to assume that, even though you are new to the material, you can judge the merits of the arguments you have read and offer an informed opinion of which evidence is strongest and why. How exactly does one approach this goal? This evidence usually draws upon observed patterns and information from collected cases and experiences, not just from isolated, anecdotal reports. Here is top tip number two: 2. At its most basic, sociology is an attempt to understand and explain the way that individuals and groups interact within a society. Others examine larger social organizations such as businesses and governments, looking at their structure and hierarchies. Be specific and detailed in telling the reader how they are similar.
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Three top tips for writing sociology essays