Writing audience examples

An instructor who means business may speak in a low, slow voice to emphasize her serious mood. If audience members have earned a doctorate degree, for example, you may need to elevate your style and use more formal language.

Comparatively, older adults can focus and learn better due to a more resilient and longer-lasting attention span. Because reading and writing work together, your writing skills will improve as you read.

This story is equally appealing to the people of all ages, because its themes concern nuclear destruction, and readers see a battle between nature and technology. As you prepare the presentation, you visualize the audience to anticipate their expectations and reactions.

Keeping your audience in mind while you write can help you make good decisions about what material to include, how to organize your ideas, and how best to support your argument. How do I identify my audience and what they want from me?

teaching audience in writing
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The Writing Process: Determining Audience