Writing a 5 year research plan

five year plan assistant professor

It is important to establish your own research niche. Hide When I started as a new faculty member at Maryland, I had a background in solid Earth Geochemistry, a little in isotope effects related to atmospheric chemistry.

Regarding collaboration, tread lightly as a young scientist seeking or starting an independent career. At the most elite institutions, there may be literally hundreds of applicants, scores of them entirely well-suited to the job.

While this is especially important at schools with greater teaching missions, it can help set you apart even at research intensive institutions.

What do you need? I have these three projects going on simultaneously, that are going to lead to a bigger pilot study that are going to feed directly into my R I wanted to do work in isotope effects related to metabolic transformations of sulfur.

Do not just imagine what you want to research but how you will pay for it. Each month plugging in what are you going to accomplish by that time.

Long-term goal in the sense of, maybe, what you want to study in your R01, perhaps something like that. Honestly, looking at this drives me a little bit crazy, it seems a bit overwhelming.

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Writing a Research Plan