Worlds demand for fossil fuels essay

But with so much money and power bound up with oil, coal and gas, one thing seems clear: constraining global fossil fuel supplies will take bigger thinking, harder politics and — crucially — a whole lot more public pressure.

This excessive rate of consumption poses serious threats to the economic future of the United States. The majority of fuels we use today are finite, and one day we will run out.

fossil fuel essay

According tot he U. Here in Oregon, my home State which is known for constant rain, the electricity comes from a wide variety of resources such as coal and petroleum to nuclear energy.

According to Rebecca Lefton and Daniel J. Also, once the fossil fuels are made, they can never be made again. Should these changes happen quickly, they could do more than save us from planetary peril.

Worlds demand for fossil fuels essay

Interesting how something that is created by the environment can damage itself. In Iceland, a plant in the city of Krafla ahs been affected by nine volcanic eruptions but still remains open IGA 1. Why is this? Greenhouse gas, nitrous oxides and a great deal of harmful gas which are from fossil fuels are causing serious environmental problems HSBC analysts recently concluded that oil giants such as BP — beloved of UK pension funds — could have their value cut in half if the world decides to tackle climate change. This creates a competitive market atmosphere. However these fossil fuels will not last forever and extensive use of them results in high carbon emissions. First, the spread of nuclear energy and technology worldwide raises concerns over the proliferation of nuclear weapons. The United States could lead the way towards a more environmentally safe world by leading the charge to bring nuclear power back, as well as help other developing countries use nuclear power as they grow instead of fossil fuels, which can effect us all.
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