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Exports to India at present are largely in big dumpers.

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All one requires is a User ID, a computer and an Internet connection. The exercise map all the existing processes, as well as procedural and infrastructure constraints at the border post.

Head of WeBOC said it has provided tangible benefits to both trading community and the government. Single window payment system: A scattered process of payments at two three points earlier in has been moved to single point and a bank branch has been moved adjacent to the customs area, resulting in curtailing avoidable delays Similarly a bank branch has been established at the Torkham Customs area and is fully functional.

In manual system he added the loaded vehicles were cleared very soon but in new system it took hours to be cleared.

One can enter into the portal of WeBOC by clicking its link and carry out all his activities related to Customs from anywhere in Pakistan. All one requires is a User ID, a computer and an Internet connection.

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All functions of customs were brought online accessible through the World Wide Web. As mentioned earlier, WeBOC is a one-window system. WeBOC has greatly contributed towards reduced customs clearance time while strengthening revenue collection and ensuring optimal utilization of human resources, Wajid said. All one requires is a User ID, a computer and an Internet connection. He further said that arrangements had been completed to initially bring in around 1, NBP branches for online payments and in next stage branches of other banks would also be inducted in the system. We believe that import and export is done largely by responsible and legitimate businesses and normally do not pose any threat to the country or the exchequer. Roads, parking and passageways have been improved at the border areas. The collector admitted that after reviewing and making some adjustments in the RMS the number of boxes marked by the system for physical examination had been reduced. This has made the customs clearance process more efficient and transparently. As per details of the Torkham custom office, in one week from 12 March to 19 March, when WeBOC was introduced, a total of Goods Declarations GDs had been filed in export and vehicles were cleared similarly in import GDs had been submitted and commodities loaded trucks had been cleared. One can enter into the portal of WeBOC by clicking on the link www. All declarations and supporting documents, if any, that are required for the purpose of assessment for clearance of cargo, are received electronically on the web, and hence, there is no interaction between the taxpayer and tax collector. It is hoped that soon cross border trade between Pakistan and its neighbouring countries will be done through the WeBOC system. The business community can avail the services of WeBOC 24 hours a day and seven days a week and the Customs department is replacing it with old manual system in wide and length of the country. In order to avoid delays and inconvenience, correct and careful declaration is always advised.

Under a well-focused plan the FBR intends to make entire import and export trade paperless at customs stage which will not only help plug in revenue leakages and check corruption but also make entire process fast and efficient.

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