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Generally internet do not harm until we choose to react to the suspicious content and websites.

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We can as a good citizen can share knowledge with each other. You may want to review our Internet Safety tutorial first so you'll have a basic understanding of online safety. Viruses and other malware are a risk for any computer although Macs are slightly safer. Understanding online dangers In order to keep your kids safe, you'll need to know about the different types of online dangers that exist. It discovered that increasingly, children are using the internet away from desktops at home or school, whether on a mobile or a tablet. This can include music, movies, TV shows, and software. The use of web in the online bill payment, shopping, payment services, internet banking, mobile banking and now digital wallets look convincing for users. In particular how organisations can promote engagement with ongoing learning campaigns. What's more, NSPCC data shows that there was an 87 per cent increase in Childline calls related to online bullying between and Encourage your kids to come to you if they encounter a problem. The first one, content, is about illegal, inappropriate and harmful content, such as images, text, video or sound. Review the interactive below to learn about some of the dangers kids can encounter online. Please reassure your child that you want to keep them safe rather than take Internet access away from them.

For teens, you may choose to give them more freedom about where they use the computer especially if they have their own computers.

They change their IP address to other country.

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Teachers play an extremely important role in inspiring young people and shaping their futures, but they also have a responsibility to safeguard their wellbeing, both in the classroom and online. Cyber criminal can be kids, teenagers, professional and big companies.

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Even if you set up parental controls on your home computer, your kids will use many other computers that don't have parental controls.

But awareness about cyber criminal, internet security and safety knowledge help us to prevent from malicious activities on the internet. Revealing too much Many kids and teens like to post photos and share information about themselves.

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Usually, it involves an email, instant message, or website that is designed to look like it's from a legitimate company. We'll also link to some activities, videos, and other resources that are geared toward kids and teens. However, there are some search engines that are designed to only return kid-friendly results although there is still the possibility of inappropriate results getting through. Guidelines for keeping your kids safe It can be difficult to keep your kids completely safe online. Contact is concerned with who the children are interacting with online and directly leads into conduct. Let us improve this post! So, you can analyse the importance of Internet security for common people of India and other countries.

Malware is often secretly bundled with other software, and it can also infect email attachments.

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Why Is It Important To Stay Safe Online? What Parents Should Know?