Thesis on agricultural credit

This resulted in the sale of assets and the collapse of most of these farms. Poverty reduction in a country like 9 Page Bangladesh is very difficult as well and a challenging task. For this purpose research on agriculture and on farmers are very essential.

agricultural credit and productivity

My proposal will give importance to the impact of rural banking in the life and activities of farmers. Due to the lack of credit at proper time they cannot produce crops at proper efficiency.

It will provide information about different agent and organization involved in rural credit.

Subrahmanyam viewed that Cooperative rural credit delivery system has been farmer-friendly and has out reached to serve agriculture. To achieve this objective, the rest of the paper is structured into four sections.

It is very difficult these days for the farmers to borrow money from the rural banks because of the high interest rates. Rural credit has been used in Bangladesh to enable the poor to weather shocks without selling the productive assets the poor need for protection against future shocks FAO Since bank is an financial institution, it should be establish in rural areas to serve rural farmers. However, there is some anecdotal evidence that many beneficiaries of rural bank credit are salaried workers, whose likelihood of loan repayment is believed to be better than that of the small scale rural producers. Results showed that most This will leads to reduce in transaction cost. Total household annual incomes were Tk. Access to finance through credit assists the poor not only to smooth their consumption but also to build their assets, which enhance their productive capacity IPAR, It is hoped that, in the long term, credit will enable the poor to invest in agricultural and non-agricultural productive assets, to adopt new technologies and farming methods, and to minimize environmental degradation. This is because, those who borrowed money 5 Page from the bank, found it difficult to pay the loans back.

M; Abstract: In spite of various measures to rejuvenate agricultural credit, the supply of agricultural credit remained to meet the credit demand both on time and right quantity.

So I have reviewed most of my literature from foreign authors.

impact of agricultural credit
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