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Engaging the foreign language learner: Using hybrid instruction to bridge the language-literature gap.

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Relative effectiveness of corrective feedback types in computer-assisted language learning. Doctoral dissertation, Emory University. Wang, T. Technoliteracy and ESL at the intersection: Contradictions and challenges. Reading foreign language websites: A qualitative investigation of students' reading strategies in German. AAT Chen, W. Effect of recent L1 exposure on Spanish attrition : An eye-tracking study.

Mispronunciation detection for language learning and speech recognition adaptation. Doctoral Dissertation, University of Maryland. Doctoral Dissertation, Indiana University. Li, J.

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Technologically-meditated collaborative learning activities for the university level intermediate Spanish classroom. Bailey, S. AAT Petersen, S.

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Doctoral dissertation, Kansas State University. Chang, Y. Kim, D. Ottawa, CA: Carleton University. Doctoral dissertation, University of Nevada, Reno. Kieliszek, M.

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Sociocultural connections, language learning anxiety, and communities of practice: Insights and perceptions of the adult online Spanish learner. Master's thesis, Minnesota State University. Doctoral dissertation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Kennedy, A. Doctoral dissertation, Iowa State University. Jay, C. Sukasem, N. Moore, J. Doctoral dissertation, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Bumgarner, C. Shih, Y. Effects of feedback timing and type on learning ESL grammar rules. The impact of individual learner characteristics and synchronous computer-mediated communication on language production in learners of English. AAT Moreno, N. Content assessment in intelligent computer-aided language learning: Meaning error diagnosis for English as a second language.
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