The theme of taking another humans life in the hanging by george orwell

They will do things that are beneficial for themselves without thinking twice; even if it's cruel. For more information on choosing credible sources for your paper, check out this blog post. What hooks you? Despite this, their sorrows for the man were outweighed by the considerable amount of prestige and feelings of superiority over the the other cultures.

In conclusion, British imperial illustrates the ability to force men to kill others all in justification of Britain "flexing her muscles. Orwell employs irony to illustrate the tragedy of capital punishment, criticizing the apathetic attitudes toward the execution, treatment of prisoners and lamenting the brutal reality of death.

All the people at the hill wanted him to die fast so that he would stop calling out to his god. It was symbolic of the fact that in reality, the prisoner and the guards were seen as equal in the dogs eyes and he wanted to play with all of them.

He then described the execution of a Hindu prisoner and the reactions to the execution. This demonstrated the mechanical process of the prison system and shows how those involved liked to have seen themselves performing a job rather than murder.

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For any ordinary human, this is expected. There, King Leopold had no mercy to the indigenous population; he ordered limbs to be cut off for the most minor issues.

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Therefore, overall, many Indian subjects could not foresee an independent Indian state. Although he is about to be killed, he still has the natural instinct that any living man does to avoid the puddle.

Orwell leaves behind stories which show the behind the scenes of what really happened in the British colonies, the things that individuals do not enjoy discussing.

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