The growing concerns over the heath risk of fluorine in drinking water

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Although pit and fissure sealants, meticulous oral hygiene, and appropriate dietary practices contribute to caries prevention and control, the most effective and widely used approaches include fluoride use The secondary standard is a guideline, as opposed to an enforceable regulation, but public water systems must tell their customers if the fluoride level goes above it. Issues studied have included fluoride concentrations in groundwater and downstream rivers; lawns, gardens, and plants; consumption of plants grown in fluoridated water; air emissions; and equipment noise. These areas, known as growth plates, are where osteosarcomas typically develop. Related coverage. Remineralization: If acid has already caused some damage to the teeth, fluoride accumulates in the demineralized areas and begins strengthening the enamel. Groundwater: Groundwater naturally contains fluoride, but the concentration varies. Here are some of the major sources of fluoride: Fluoridated water: Countries like the US, the UK and Australia add fluoride to their public water supplies. View the details of the Water quality testing kits for field use to know more. More than 50 population-based studies have looked at the potential link between water fluoride levels and cancer. It is represented by the chemical formula F-.

Universal salt fluoridation is also practiced in Colombia and the Swiss Canton of Vaud ; in Germany fluoridated salt is widely used in households but unfluoridated salt is also available, giving consumers a choice. In the s, several studies reported a low prevalence of dental caries among people consuming natural drinking-water with high fluoride Dietary fluoride is absorbed rapidly in the stomach and small intestine.

Water fluoridation was once heralded as one of the best public health achievements in the twentieth century. Levels above 4 ppm could be hazardous. Over national and international health and other organizations recognize the benefits of added fluoride.

Some fluorides occur naturally in soil, air, or water, although the levels of fluoride can vary widely.

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Bymore than million people worldwide had access to either naturally fluoridated water about 57 million or water with adjusted fluoride concentrations at or near optimal level about million. Basic diet improvement to include calcium rich green leaves, milk, eggs, and rich sources of Vitamin C and antioxidants such as Amla, Lemon, Spinach and local sources such as Moringa and Cassia Tora.

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There was no evidence of cancer-causing potential in female rats or in male or female mice. Bacteria will thus use more energy to maintain a neutral pH.

The growing concerns over the heath risk of fluorine in drinking water

Once inside the body, fluorides are absorbed into the blood through the digestive tract. Its concentration in water is variable 1. Apart from this, iron absorption is reduced due the fluoride. Current levels of fluoride in the water may not be safe. Fluoride is the negative ion of the element fluorine. It occurs naturally in air, soil, plants, rocks, fresh water , sea water and many foods. Four systematic reviews have been published on the clinical effectiveness of milk fluoridation in preventing dental caries.

Related coverage. Fluoride in drinking water Water fluoridation began in some parts of the United States inafter scientists noted that people living in areas with higher water fluoride levels had fewer cavities.

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Fluoride has been suggested as a therapy for osteoporosis since the s, but despite producing denser bone, fracture risk is not reduced. Moreover, a recent review shows that, in some circumstances, salt fluoridation is a more cost-effective caries preventive method for children than either water or milk fluoridation or fluoridated mouth rinses There was a percent increase in children with no decay in their baby teeth. What can really be done about this? However, these values differ greatly among the world's regions: for example, in Sichuan, China the average daily fluoride intake is only 0. Fluoride may also help prevent cavities. Related coverage. You can contact the bottler to find out about fluoride levels. Lately, major concerns about excessive fluoride intake and related toxicity were raised worldwide, leading several countries to ban fluoridation.
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