Sutton hoo

Sacrificed animals had been placed in the graves. Although there is almost certainly no direct link between the events described in Beowulf and the burial, the same world of traditions and ideas inspired them. Intrigued by these mounds, in land owner Edith Pretty commissioned local archaeologist Basil Brown to start excavating the land.

Inan archeologist named Martin Carver, who liked to play golf on the site, noticed a gentle slope because his ball would not settle, and dug up an Anglo-Saxon warrior who had been buried with his horse, a golden bridle, and a meal of lamb chops to take him to the afterlife.

Edith Pretty and Basil Brown tossed out that idea. Who then was buried in the boat at Sutton Hoo? A small ship had been placed over this in an east—west alignment, before a large earth mound was raised.

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In the fore and aft sections, there were thorn -shaped oar-rests along the gunwalesindicating that there may have been positions for forty oarsmen. Practical information about visiting Sutton Hoo Sutton Hoo is open From the Venerable Bede, writing about a hundred years later, we learn that one Raedwald, lord of the Wuffings, ruled as King of East Anglia at this time, and he claimed authority over all the English as bretwalda over-king.

Within three days, he and his team began to uncover the outline of a twenty-seven-metre Anglo-Saxon rowing boat that had been hauled up from the river and buried on the land above the shore.

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Revisiting Sutton Hoo, Britain’s Mythical Ship Burial