Public sector reform in africa

Public sector reform PSR refers to strengthening the management of the public sector. Awortwi, N. Crook, R.

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Some focus on oddly successful organizations, others on successful policy interventions, and yet others on successful reforms themselves. Paris: Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development. Olowu, D.

Examples of public sector reforms

Levy, B. World Bank. Fatile, J. The public sector remains the inescapable anchor of development, whether for good or ill, but our understanding of the politics of public sector reform remains shackled by concepts that do not allow for variation or change over time. Lawanson, O. OECD Morgan, P. A developmental public service therefore embodies the capacities to perform effectively the regulatory, administrative, technical and extractive functions Brautigam ; Owusu and Ohemeng ; Ayee Booth, D. London: Palgrave Macmillan. Adamolekun, L a.

In Ghana, where successive regimes have focused on political control for partisan purposes, it has been quick reforms compatible with top-down control that have achieved political traction.

Leonard, D. Adamolekun, L a. Baser and D. The studies concluded that even though there has been some progress with PSRs in African countries, there is more room for improvement. Adamolekun, L. One singularly significant shortcoming was the conspicuous absence of effective pay and incentives reform, which remain critical to sustainable capacity building.

Majone, G.

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