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The moral stage on this level he claims to be rather egocentric or pre-conventional. Psychosynthesis has identified hundreds of other subpersonalities.

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The higher qualities are idealism, generosity, courage and boldness, a sense of honour. He discriminates also between a higher and lower expression of the same stage or psychological age. Take all the time you need to develop the best possible relationship with all your subpersonalities one at a time on successive occasions of growth work. Synthesis, The Realization of Self. We will now very briefly turn the attention to a topic that Wilber does not say much about: Types. The normal personal needs are according to Assagioli love and belonging, esteem and self-actualisation. Link to this page:. Assagioli does not write much about this area. Wilber 54 exemplifies the important use of types by combining the nine types of the Enneagram with the eight vertical levels used in Spiral Dynamics and from this combination we get seventy two different psychological orientations. I do not find many new contributions to clarify the exact nature of the levels, they all seem to repeat the same information that Assagioli offers. The strong emphasis on the wounded child tends to blur the distinction between personal and spiritual energies, and creates confusion of levels. The transformations that take place in the inner collective sphere must be acted out within the family and social structure of which the individual is part. The basic manual on the theory and practice of psychosynthesis. I will now research into whether Psychosynthesis is aware of the four quadrants: The individual interior and exterior and the collective interior and exterior. As Maslow, Assagioli 30 discriminates between self-actualisation and self-realisation.

According to my research there seems not to have been any attempts to implement the modern developmental research, which Wilber is using, within Psychosynthesis theory. He also suggests repeating a phrase such as this one from a hymn of the Greek Mysteries: "Be silent, O strings, that a new melody may flow in me.

The above psychological age resembles in many instances the stage Ken Wilber calls the integrated body-mind or the Integral Centaur.

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The Process of Growth A therapist begins psychosynthesis by discovering the particular needs stemming from the unique problems that an individual is facing. Or ask someone to read them to you sentence by sentence while you repeat them inwardly. The obstacle to this synthesis between nations he argues is psychological not political, which is why we need individual as well as social psychology. In his article From the Couple to the Community he writes about the Psychosynthesis of nations, which he considers to be psychological entities with a soul. As a middle-class male, I frequently become overidentified with my work and with striving for material security and "success. My overall assessment of modern Psychosynthesis is that it is only partly Integral, but it has potential to be turned into a full modern Integral Approach. Nature is always trying to re-establish harmony, and with the psyche the principle of synthesis is dominant The emphasis on the will runs the danger of all approaches to growth that highlight intentionality.

Baltimore: Penguin Books, The fact that the growth drive can become conscious in us human beings enables us to cooperate with this drive and thus to accelerate the process of actualizing our potentials. The psychosynthesis journal, which includes a Psychosynthesis Workbook with practical techniques for enhancing one's growth.

The large group seems to work with the different vertical states, but they show no deeper understanding of how to turn states into stages. If growth is being blocked by unresolved conflicts in the lower unconscious, therapy has an analytic phase in which traditional psychotherapeutic approaches may be used.

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The next two states can be entered with full consciousness even though they are defined as dream and deep sleep.

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