Prevention and management strategies for malaria

One option is to go with existing partner drugs such as piperaquine, which is well understood clinically, but for which resistant field isolates exist.

primary prevention of malaria

By this measure, blood meal is denied for the female mosquito and this prevents development of eggs and hence a reduction in mosquito population and transmission. These include closing the doors and windows in the evenings to prevent entry of mosquitoes into human dwellings; using mosquito repellant lotions, creams, mats or coils and regular use of bednets.

The anemia caused by malaria in children and in pregnancy is accompanied by iron deficiency, which is prevalent in both these groups.

role of community health nurse in prevention and control of malaria

In contrast to the then proposed efficiency of pyrethrum, a post-war quantitative study of the effects of pyrethrum intensively spread within houses, carried out in Western Africa infailed to show any significant reduction either in the number of Anophelines or in the transmission of malaria [ 28 ].

Even the apparent effects from carefully documented, integrated interventions such as in the Canal Zone of Panama were not as clear as initially thought. ITNs have been used for malaria control in displaced populations with success in some settings. The final option is to pair two new drugs.

Malaria Prevention and Control Interventions Malaria is a preventable and treatable disease.

control of malaria vector

Similarly, costs for insecticides vary widely but are generally low. The search for new molecules that can be used to kill hypnozoites without the need for such a test is being intensified, although so far no candidates have been identified. Trends in intervention coverage were assessed against trends Muslin mosquito nets, in use since the beginning of the eighteenth century, were sold as part of the routine equipment for outdoor recreational activities.

Prevention and management strategies for malaria

Records of the US patents show the popular use of wire gauze to protect people US patent , and houses US patent ,, against mosquitoes. This was an important discovery, but did not at the time influence the various treatments and prevention approaches that were already in use. Relying only on the government machinery for the control of this problem will only heighten the dangers. To be more effective, in high-risk areas i. A clinical trial that provided iron supplementation with and without malaria prophylaxis to a population of children less than 1 year old who were exposed to intense perennial malaria transmission was effective at preventing severe anemia and clinical malaria Menendez et al. At the same time — when other measures are ineffective or not cost effective — IVM makes judicious use of chemical methods of vector control, such as indoor residual sprays, space spraying, and chemical larvicides and adulticides. It includes the following recommendations: Only people in whom laboratory blood tests confirmed the presence of malaria should be treated with anti-malarial drugs.
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Prevention and control measures for malaria