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Web PI is a free package management tool to install non-commercial web development tools and their dependencies. Obviously this is a standard temporary folder and is shared with countless other processes. In the first case, this folder might not be fully writable by PHP - but it makes sense to change the folder completely, just to segregate these operations from the rest of your OS. It can be a little overwhelming, but using filters you can drill down to see which files are being accessed, and by whom. It has a vast and vibrant community and includes some tried and tested products such as WordPress and Drupal. Maybe you even want to use another database technology. Likewise, you can enable and disable extension by editing the php.

This can become quite costly in terms of performance if you receive many requests. Generally these days I would advocate using the App pool user for the site in question. It exposes too much information about your server that hackers could use to attack you.

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I had to do some extra work because the default web. Indeed, in many cases you'll find that PHP is running as this user and thus it would make sense that it should have access to folders it wants to write.

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So perioically I find myself running into this issue on a Wordpres IIS installation, whereby I'm unable to update plugins or do other things that involve the system putting files into the wp-content folder.

Or you prefer the reliability of a solution provided by the big company that Microsoft is. Keep in mind that putting a phpinfo.

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While this is always the first place to look, it's not always the solution for Wordpress plugin update issues. Procmon is a lovely piece of software that gives an incredible amount of realtime information and will allow you to get an idea of what's happening and to which files, when Wordpress is attempting an auto update or plugin update.

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[SOLUTION] IIS 7 and PHP being able to write files/permission issue