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They were hiring guys that would be there for 20 minutes, and then they'd be gone. It's safer and more cost-effective, because you're not having your sweeper sitting waiting for your operator-turned-backpacker to return to it.

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However, you can probably sweep the same lot three times a week at half an hour per sweep and spend only about 15 minutes more on it while getting money for an extra sweep weekly! Develop a "WOW" program company-wide. Do something for your customers that is 'free and extra. My main goal is to make the store managers happy in the morning. I was looking to set the record of one million faces on one homepage. I was watching TV. The second style, portable power sweepers, are inexpensive and can be mounted on the back of any pickup truck. Wind can give you a hard time. If YES, then i advice you read on. As a matter of fact, most companies prefer dealing with a company than with an individual when it comes to hiring a vendor or contractor. Who would you do business with, someone who helps you or someone who you only hear from when it's time to get some money? Many hopefuls want to charge based on square footage, however the type of lot you are cleaning will greatly vary.

If you just got a new sweeper, take it around to show off to customers. Routinely call on each and every customer, just to say hi and to check on their happiness with your services.

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Sell out? I went to my parents' home thinking it was going to be a couple of days.

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My dad helped because I didn't have any credit. Help them with their businesses and it will flow back to you.

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If this is a particularly messy lot, be sure to take into consideration the fact that litter will probably come over to the lot you clean. One effective tool you can use is tailoring your service to fit in a price range desired by the manager. Do you charge based on area or number of spots? Small restaurants will take considerably less time, as well as having to be done less often. No rules, and he'll sleep while the operator drives. I just wanted to work for myself and work my own hours. Let your team members know you mean what you say and will not tolerate attitudes or performance to the contrary. They didn't let us go back to New Orleans for a week or two. The sequence of events has been a bit different for Jerome Boykin Jr. Hurricanes are nothing new to us down here. No Look around at many parking lots and what you'll see are leaves, paper, cups, food wrappers, cigarette butts, and broken glass. I'm about to buy another truck next month.
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Starting a Parking Lot Cleaning Company