Organizational behavior of globalization

organizational behavior problems and solutions

Globalization and technology being used by organization is part of social factors that reciprocally influences personal factors and behavior. For instance, in the Uni ted States one-quarter of the American workforce is represented by minorities wi th this figure expected to grow in the future.

Organizational Behavior and Strategic Alliances With the goal of achieving better business efficiency and effectiveness, many organizations consider a number of means by which they can be able to increase their competency and ability.

Todaywe are confronted with the scenario of a changing workforce that is multicultu ral and diverse in beliefs, ethnicities and behaviours. The authors discussed the emerging field of knowledge management briefly in this context.

Environmental context of organizational behavior

In some multinational corporations, even if it can be assumed that the operations are autonomous from each other, there is still a strong need in order to properly manage organizational behavior. So to keep that diversified workforce as a whole unit, compatible with the ove rall organizational strategy is huge challenge for leaders. Furthermore, it also allows the provision of the hierarchy of authority and responsibilities to determine the people who would be reporting with the superiors and to be able to as well provide how the employees are linked to each other, with specific emphasis on the tasks which are supposed to be completed Kinney, OB studies are now increasingly becoming complex due to the effect of globalization. Outsourcing makes it possible for the workforce to focus on their job junctions at which they are skilled and competent, making them more valuable for the firm. In addition, it also demonstrates heavy reliance on a multitude of communication technologies in order to link people with each other. This can be possible in a case wherein one side of employees would be more favored from the alliance, especially if such party has a greater contribution towards the success o0f the said alliance. Organizations of such type also benefits from the fact that it is inclusive, boundaryless, responsive, and flexible. In an organic or adaptive organization, as it has been mentioned earlier, it can be seen that the level of employee satisfaction is higher basically because there is a greater degree of responsiveness in accordance with what is needed rather than being stable regardless of the situation which the work environment is confronted with Walonick, Some of the important areas of concern are changing technology with a sharp increase in cross-border technology transfers, the mobility of organizations and people in the global world, the competition for markets and customers on a global scale, etc. Germany: Verlag Camarinha-Matos, L. Businesses have reached the old model's limits with respect to complexity and speed. Just like in cases which were earlier mentioned in the earlier sections of this paper, the operations of virtual organizations also show significant effects with regards to organizational behavior.

Participation of these companies in trade, investment, and production, expanded the international commu nication and imported various cross-cultural issues. It can lead into the deterioration of working conditions in the sense that such employees may be assigned work which is precarious and it can also elad into longer working hours.

Managing financial risk for multinational companies in South East Asia. Selling goods and services of corporations in different countries is not a new phenomenon in the business context, but contemporary issues have confronted such firms especially given the perpetually changing economic and political context which governs their operations.

Organizations of such type also benefits from the fact that it is inclusive, boundaryless, responsive, and flexible.

Impact of globalization on organizations

Short Author Bios. The most general is the economic globalizatio n. For instance, in the Uni ted States one-quarter of the American workforce is represented by minorities wi th this figure expected to grow in the future. Encyclopedic dictionary of organization behavior. Such organizational behavior concerns will be quite challenging to manage basically because of the presence of geographically-dispersed locations of operations Sims, Organizational Behavior and Organizational Structure For the effective and efficient operations of any organizations, one of the most apparent requirements would be an organizational structure which fits the business and which would gain a high level of support from its workforce. Today world is a global village where multinationals are spreading their business across the world. Before the globalization national borders were perfectly insulated and businesse s were free from any foreign competition. This is in recognition of the approach that there is a no one-size-fits-all approach towards managing organizational behavior and culture. Today in a globaliz ed scenario cross-cultural management must give more emphasis on 3R rule- Recognize cultural difference Respect people s right to differ Reconcile the issues differences create Multi cultural Team: Multicultural team can provide strategic advancement for an organization. The cascadin g effect of globalization even transcends to the tasks or the operational enviro nments of business organizations. Globalization and everyday life. Organizational change is the adoption of an organizational environment for the sake of survival.

Such has the potential to lead into low employee morale and any other aspects of human behavior which can trigger productivity and efficiency at work Morgan,

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