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From the interview the researchers found out that in the organization technology has a great impact on job efficiency, in that it is much faster, it gives accurate result and lightens work load.

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The researchers found out that the computer system which makes work easier, in that, when a receipt need to be written up, the clerk would not write a receipt, keeping the customer waiting for a long period of time, she would just enter the customers number and the receipt would be printed. The researcher interviewed the Administrative Assistant on the 21st of October, and recorded responses during the discussion. Small Business Administration has delivered millions of loans, loan guarantees, contracts, counseling sessions and other forms of assistance to small businesses. On the other hand, how are its external controls? I would like to find out the duties of the secretary and how his or her work benefits the business. When it was created, there are some presidents want to stop it and some presidents want to develop it. Hence, I would like to further comment on the process of the investigation as it was arranged to be carried out confidentially. The personnel with whom the researchers conducted the research gave a brief comparison of accountant back then and what currently exist, she said that, back then accountants had a lot of work load and works was very difficult because of the lack of technology, but currently, accountants work load is lighter and they have work easier because of technology. In an effort to complete my School Based Assessment, I am writing this letter seeking permission to conduct an interview with you and also to do some observations of the Administrative Assistant. What are the legislations that govern the business? Ann company Jamaica. Also, the researchers have recommended that the organization consider getting a guillotine that can be used to cut and trim papers and cars, so for example, if they are making customer cards, flyers, brochures ect, it would be helpful. Hewlet in that specific business place questions whether face to face or over the telephonewhich is relevant to the business to gather information. Five important questions 1. What are the duties in the business?

Five important questions 1. The researchers recommend the organization to put in a shredder, this is important in that, inactive files might get mixed up with active file and that can caused problem, so the shredder will be able to destroy inactive files, it also can be used to destroy confidential materials that the organization do not want to be seen by unauthorized persons.

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Are there any health and safety rules? This research has acknowledged the researchers about the accounts department of Singer Furniture Store, Specifically; it has exposed the researchers to the functions of equipment and computer software, also the impact of technology on job efficiency in the accounts office.

Receipts books, cheque lodgment book, and receipts and warranty book are some of the documents used in the accounts department of the firm.

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Hence, I would like to further comment on the process of the investigation as it was arranged to be carried out confidentially. This instrument is used by asking an Ms. I find the work team to be very polite with a very strong understanding when dealing with the customers on a business entrepreneur level.

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