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Indeed, neglecting the party affiliation does not seem to take us very far: the two party-independent normalizations we have considered, following the procedure by Costa Filho et al. While they might vote for the sake of voting, they would not challenge the government to respond to their interests.

Johnson refused to accept a change in plans unless it came directly from John Kennedy. Kennedy responded cryptically: "The whole story will never be known.

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Elections data in Denmark and Estonia detailed in panels D and Eappear to follow the universal curve as well. In this paper, we test whether these critics are right.

If this argument is true, lowering the voting age would have negative consequences for the quality of democracy.

For instance, in the Polish distributions of Fig. For instance, in Slovakia changed the number of multi-member districts, leading to appreciable changes in the shape of the distribution Fig.

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Many constitutional scholars claim that state restrictions would be struck down if challenged based on Article II and the Twelfth Amendment. These results are encouraging for supporters of a lower voting age.

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For example, it is also seen as a way to ensure that the interests of young citizens are represented in the political system Votes at 16, Each state delegation has one vote.

Therefore our analysis focuses on the distribution of performance of sub-lemas, instead of that of single candidates.

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