My hero is my grandmother

Is she still the same grandma?

my grandma is my hero quotes

It is this fact that explains why memory loss is one of the first symptoms noticed in dementia patients. Our trips to New York have become more frequent, and have allowed us to allot more time to seeing my grandmother than we have in the past.

While visiting New York and walking around the neighborhood with my grandmother, I have lost count of the amount of times that someone has walked up to her and greeted her with a hug, wishing her well and asking her how she is doing. But she sure as hell took a stand.

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There, we see many relatives, but almost always my aunt, grandfather, and grandmother. My clothing has always been supplemented with the newest, eye-catching items from the fashion mecca that is New York. Because of the crippling nature of dementia, each member of my family has bonded together and become more open and supportive of one another.

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Aeriel Miranda quote: My hero among heroes is my grandmother, she's the epitome