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Wayans, whose overstimulated comic work can border on hilarity and make you cringe at the same time. They become the sole sources of pain and pleasure. In an emotional powerhouse of a performance, he proves to audiences that he can shine through in a major role as opposed to previous smaller roles in Fight Club and American Psycho. She's addicted to a game show whose host Christopher McDonald leads the audience in chanting "We got a winner! And for Sara, it's to appear on her favorite TV show and to be proud of her son. There's no preaching or sermonizing here, just an almost-clinical depiction of lives laid to waste. Aronofsky draws astonishing performances from his actors. You can't take your eyes off him even though you can sometimes barely stand to look at him. Meanwhile, Harry talks to Marion about the one big score that would "get us back on track. This is not a film for the weak of mind or soul. Aronofsky's style could probably best be described as cyberpulp, a tangle of images with comic panel acuity that he is downloading from his subconscious. Tweet Alcoholics or drug addicts feel wrong when they don't feel right. So is the mother: to television and sugar. That movie, made on a tiny budget, was astonishing in the way it suggested its hero's shifting prism of reality. If you want to make a comparison of her thespian skills throughout the years, watch the revived version of The Exorcist.

The 's brought a streak of loser druggie movies, like ''Born to Win,'' ''Panic in Needle Park'' and the festering pallor of ''The Night of the Following Day,'' which could be the spiritual ancestor of ''Requiem. Still, the picture holds close to the theme of the novel: the real drug we're all hooked on is the American Dream, with its promises of big cash paydays and fame and eventually happiness, which can all no doubt be found around that same corner where prosperity is said to lurk.

This is a regular routine, we gather; anything in his mother's house is a potential source of funds for drug money.

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Was this review helpful? Their drug gobbling is highlighted, accompanied by slurps, gulps and other loud noises that infantilize their appetites. The movie starts slowly, introducing each of the characters and establishing their relationships. Lastly, the direction of Aronofsky, brilliant, beautiful, empathic.

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True acting from true actors. Sign in to vote. The filmmaker's effrontery is effectively a personal statement, a brand of dynamism that isn't just technique for its own explosive ends but rather is integral to the storytelling. The in-between times edge toward desperation.

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Nothing else is remotely as interesting. Her performance as a television, sugar and eventually, diet pill-addicted mother of Harry shows that she's still got it after all these years. Aronofsky is fascinated by the way in which the camera can be used to suggest how his characters see things. Selby's thesis, which in the wrong hands could be corny and grating, and vaults right past it. No one has progressed beyond the point of no return. Every actor with a major role - Ellen Burstyn, Jennifer Connelly, Jared Leto, and Marlan Wayans - should be commended not only for their strength of performance but for the courage they exhibit in putting themselves on the line the way Aronofsky requires. As the junkie Harry, a wasted pretty boy, he seems kept aloft by his eyelashes, the only substantial thing on his frame. Everyone in this film has their own dreams - or at least they do before their gut-churning, animalistic need for the next fix has destroyed their capacity for reason. First we see the pills, or the fix, filling the screen, because that's all the characters can think about. Not since 's The Basketball Diaries, has a film so accurately portrayed the craving and depravity of a person dealing with or succumbing to addiction. Visually, Aronofsky tries for something a little different here, employing a split-screen approach that neither enhances nor detracts from the narrative. For Marion, it's to start her own dress business and live with Harry. Aronofsky has shown me that, jaded by so many films, something can still prompt me to sit up and take notice. All done with acute exaggeration of sounds.
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