Montessori philisophy

The staff are friendly, supportive, and provide open communication. My boys have settled in so well and I attribute it to the staff you have employed. Being able to do things without assistance from the adult builds self confidence, and encourages the child to explore.

montessori method pros and cons

Little Teachers As she watched the children busily going about their work Montessori realised that it was natural and very easy for the younger children to learn by watching and listening to the older children. It is lovely to see all the children playing together when we come to pick her up in the evening.

Children can work in groups or individually, respecting their own style and rythm. Children are natural learners Montessori saw that children undergo extraordinary transformations in overall happiness, self-confidence and self-discipline when they are allowed to follow their innate needs.

Each period presents characteristics that are radically diferent from the other periods, but each of them constitutes the foundation of the following period. Once the child becomes confident in these areas, the lessons from sensorial area are applied to development of mathematical and language concepts.

Montessori philisophy

She felt that it was the spiritual nature of children that had been forgotten and denied and that children could therefore show adults the way to return to a more meaningful, holistic way of living. Children exercise independence, but are also given opportunities to work with their peers and to support others when they are in need. For instance, children are encouraged to use sandpaper letters rather than a pen and paper when learning how to write. Students are supported in becoming active seekers of knowledge. As a person who lived through two world wars, Dr. These unique and specialized materials are often imported from Europe or the United States to ensure authenticity and quality. Montessori discovered stages of readiness for assimilating concepts, and she found that children have natural curiosity and instinctive motivation to pursue what is of interest to them. Mixed age groups are found in our Infant, Toddler, Early Childhood classes. We build good people! Reading is an additional step beyond writing.

The classroom is intentionally prepared with only one of each activity.

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Dr. Maria Montessori and Her Philosophy