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However, the negative effects of the current coursework regime at GCSE will have to be overcome first. Researching a topic is a useful skill for later life and, hence, one that we would wish to encourage in our students, along with the understanding of the difference between learning which may include quoting selectively from other peoples work and copying wholesale.

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All present A-level Mathematics coursework is part of a unit; this allows the application of a clearly defined area of mathematics. This cannot be properly assessed in an examination, as the opportunity to think round a problem is severely curtailed and the opportunity to seek advice is non-existent.

The WJEC specification has no coursework.

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This pressure can be reduced by clear marking guidelines, which are shared with, and understood by, students so that they can take increased responsibility for their own work. A guide to how coursework and examinations work in the Department of Mathematics. The on-going discussion that has taken place often assists the teacher in judging whether the final work reflects the students own understanding. The amount of step-by-step guidance for coursework that has been given by some teachers has diminished the potential educational value of it. This contrasts with the situation some years ago, where different approaches to assessment were allowed and, indeed, encouraged; it was acknowledged that they would provide information about what works well and what does not, and also that a variety of approaches was healthy. Consequently, teacher input was focused on enabling students to apply appropriate mathematics successfully. Further information about the format and weighting of Part A papers can be found in the Part A exam conventions. Last update on 12 March - Where this has happened, students have become involved with their work, they have seen the relevance and power of mathematics and they have produced excellent work, which they and their teachers remember for years to come. The report recommended: an immediate review by the QCA and its regulatory partners of the quantity of coursework in GCSE mathematics and, in particular, the data handling component,.. Consequently, there was a clearer path of progression through the task. Coursework Coursework is assessed work done during the semester that counts towards the overall mark for a course unit.

Communication The mathematical communication that takes place in an examination is solely written and, at GCSE, usually very structured. These tools include logical reasoning, problem-solving skills and the ability to think in abstract ways. These students are sometimes able to produce coursework of which they can be justifiably proud.

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The significant written element in this exercise was felt to disadvantage the candidates who were good at mathematics but poor at written English. All specifications should be required to assess these skills; there may be flexibility in how this is done, but all approaches should be properly evaluated.

The SMP syllabus included coursework as an integral part of the learning and assessment process; some units included more than one piece of coursework.

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