Malaysia deforestation case study

positive impacts of deforestation in malaysia

Between andMalaysia lost an average of 96, ha or 0. The FAO says that only Prosecution may result from illegal felling. This Publication's Related Information. This is known as a Selective Management System. Areas of rainforest have been cleared for mining operations and road construction.

The graph on the right shows the net land use change over each five-year period. It should be noted that converting upland dipterocarp forest into palm oil plantations does not trap as much carbon for many years. Figure 3. What are the main effects of deforestation in Malaysia?

Malaysia is home to some 15, species of higher plants, birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and species of fish. In addition, the smaller patches of remaining forest may be unable to sustain the groups currently living there.

Borneo is made up of Brunei, Malaysia, and Indonesia, and is home to some of the greatest biodiversity found on Earth.

impacts of deforestation in malaysia

Management of tropical rainforests Tropical rainforests can be managed in the following ways to reduce deforestation: Logging and replanting - selective logging of mature trees ensures that the rainforest canopy is preserved. History of deforestationDeforestation: Case study in Malaysia: CausesDeforestation is an issue that is significantly growing in a daily basis.

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