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NOTE: As with each situation, although the verifier is obligated to apply statutory requirements, the verifier should be careful not to impose higher requirements than the law prescribes.

Accept or reject? Most reviewers find it helpful to go through the petition first to count the total "perfect" signatures before spending time on "borderline" signatures. Other cannabis-related bills include efforts to decriminalize small amounts of pot possession and enable Texas farmers to grow and market hemp, marijuana's non-psychoactive cousin, to the extent allowed by federal law.

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Youth-on-staff and youth-on-youth violence has skyrocketed to 81 assaults per youth in The political subdivision may choose to use a statistical sampling method when verifying petition signatures. How long may a petition be circulated? It makes financial sense and also will save lives.

Stopping diversions will mean that the Lege must find money elsewhere to plug the gaps in the budget.

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Expanding Medicaid would provide health insurance to 1. To whom is a completed petition to be submitted? What is the deadline for the voter registrar, elections administrator, or city or town secretary, as applicable, to verify the petition signatures? The five neighborhoods included in the first round each crafted action plans that were approved by the city council in August but without any dedicated city funding, it's unclear how far those plans will go. And the search for a new superintendent has had some pretty contentious moments. Below we detail a dozen items that deal with the biggest problems in the state. What standard should we apply? Texas would join the legion of states that cap rates and try to make short-term credit affordable for those who need it. During the day legislative session, which ends May 27, , the two groups will consider in excess of 6, bills. Date of signing. A year later, the question remains. Section Kirk Watson, D-Austin, have been waging a lonely war to end the practice of diversions for years.
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The 17 biggest issues in the Texas Legislature