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An employee who is nature lover, eco-activist, non-polluter, preservationist and conservationist of resources of the organization. Based on the five focus areas identified in this literature review, the performance outcome of Green HRM at both the organizational level and individual level received the greatest attention from the researchers.

Preservation of the natural environment b.

Green hrm and green practices

London: Sage. A total of 70 articles were reviewed and most of these articles employed quantitative method and were carried out in developing countries. Many organizations have established environmental management information systems Wells et al, , and environmental audits Carpenter, Additionally, only papers from high quality, peer-reviewed journals were evaluated. Methodology Quantitative methods are basically reported in numeric values, while qualitative methods of research are reported in rich descriptive form Saunders, ; Denzin and Lincoln, These are good practices some leading companies have adopted to manage their environmental issues. They also stated that human resources aspects of environmental management are green HRM. Who is Green Employee? In addition, some companies use teamwork and cross-functional teams as job design techniques to successfully manage the environmental issues of the company Palmer and Andrews, ; Beard and Rees, ; Griffiths and Petrick, 4. The second core component is related to the motivation of green employees and implies appraisal and rewards.

Such journey has resulted in several practices and procedures aimed at making companies greener Jose Chiappetta Jabbour, Table The above reviews show an enormous usability of HRM functions in organizational green operations and greening employees. Ranganathan, J.

Griffiths, A. Renwick, D. Team Performance Management, 3 3Personnel Psychology, 53, The HR functions develop into the driver of environment sustainability within the organization by aligning its practices and policies with sustainability goals reflecting an eco-focus.

London: SAGE.

Green hrm and green practices

Second is providing required environmental protection related awareness, education, training and development to the existing workforce. Employee awareness about green HRM Table 2. Incorporating corporate environmental management objectives and targets with the performance evaluation system of the organisation is a must for any organization nowadays. New York: McGraw-Hill. There are very few studies demonstrating the effectiveness of Green HRM practices outside developed countries. Beard, C. Tactful Management Research Journal, 2 2 , 1—6. Taking a step towards clean HR many manufacturing companies are shifting from old packing material like tin containers, plastic bags to eco-friendly packing material. Overall, being a green employer may help to increase employee motivation and engagement through a shared set of values , create competitive advantage from the opportunities presented by changing markets, with the desire to learn from customers, consumers, suppliers and colleagues, reduce labour turnover because the organization is one in which people want to work , and improve the health of the workforce for example, by encouraging cycling to work, car sharing, public transport. There are various researchers who support the HRM practices to be effective for promotion human capital and results in providing to contributors of organizational performance and competitive advantage. However, based on the observations of the industries and organisations, it is possible to identify certain green human resource planning practices Arulrajah et al. Generation of gardens and looking like natural places. This is why to increase the employee awareness on Green HRM is stipulate for the modern competitive business world.

Incorporating corporate environmental management objectives and targets with the performance evaluation system of the organisation is a must for any organization nowadays. Wells, et al,In Milliman, J.

Reesarcher developed few Green HR functions based on the literature and surveyed the questions among the various level of managers, whether their organization emphasize on these or not.

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Contemporary developments in Green (environmental) HRM scholarship