Lab report on reinforced concrete design

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reinforced concrete beam test lab report

Figures and Tables Figure 1. Space evenly in three rows. Cast two concrete cubes Objectives To demonstrate different failure characteristics of reinforced concrete beams subjected to loading 2.

Lab report on reinforced concrete design

Better bond develops between bamboo and concrete when the reinforcement is-split in addition to providing more compact reinforcement layers. Assemble the moulds 8. Vertical reinforcement should be approximately 4 percent of the column cross section for rectangular columns. The required reinforcement is determined from Figure 3b to be 0. The number required is 8. CAD packages e. Bamboo reinforcement should be 4 times that of the steel reinforcement or 0. American Concrete Institute. Tie reinforcement size should be 2 percent of the total area of the vertical bars confined by it. Clean the formwork 3.

The area provided by one stirrup bent into a U-shape, A, is 2 0. Avoid using sections with depth to width ratios greater than 4 for reasons of stability. There needs to be more research done to get concrete proof for proving that an OMD facilitates better development by incorporating the ten factors as pointed out by McEvoy and Buller.

University of Nairobi Bsc. However, Figure 2 provides only 3-percent reinforcement; thus 8. Lotusreport generators e.

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Reinforced Concrete Design Report