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Suggest a correction. Moose Mountain Adventure Golf hole miniature golf course is themed after the old-time Wild West combined with mountains. After kids, I stand in a ridiculously long line while my kids scream at me that they want food -- now. I don't even care about the traffic because I have some solitude. Ah, pure relaxation. Getting ready to go to the mall Before kids, I could spontaneously run to the mall. While we were there Nintendo had set up gaming stations, which were the only thing that got my children out of the LEGO store and, of course, was the place they wanted to regularly return to. Maybe I would browse some outfits looking for something great to wear this weekend. This is the most relaxing part of the day -- driving home. I lug the industrial-sized diaper bag and heavy double stroller into the car and get going! We were wrong. Plus, strollers are harder to maneuver when stores are clogged with shoppers and littered with clearance merchandise. Parking Before kids, I could easily park my sports car in a tiny, tight space.

There are plenty of junior rides as well for the younger ones. After kids, I stand in a ridiculously long line while my kids scream at me that they want food -- now.

We stayed at Radisson Blu Mall of America. On the way home Before kids, I'd play more music, maybe loudly. An umbrella stroller is fine for quick errands, but for a couple hours of shopping with children, you want the real deal.

After struggling to get us all through the door, I am covered in sweat and my makeup is running, but the cold air feels so refreshing. And it got on his pants.

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Fairly Odd Coaster There are over 30, live plants and live trees stretching almost 35 feet tall within Nickelodeon Universe giving it a wonderful outdoorsy feel.

When you're shopping with children, it's much more likely to be about tracking down chicken nuggets for a simmering small-fry.

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I find what I am looking for, a birthday gift for one of my daughter's friends. I hit my knee on the way down and I am still recovering, it gives the older sliders ahem, Josh quite a bump, but my kids did it over and over again. I carry her in one arm while pushing the stroller with the other, and strangers stare at me like I am torturing my child. I do my best to get her pants down, but she ends up peeing mostly onto her pants and shoes. Water Park Of America is the largest indoor water park in the US covering 70, square feet including a slide tower nearly ten stories tall. Bring the good stroller. A big, sturdy full-size stroller gives you a place to stash your purchases, plus the roomy ride provides a comfy spot for your mall munchkin to snuggle up in. You can view sharks, sea turtles, rays, jellyfish, seahorses and more. Suggest a correction. First and foremost, taking a toddler mall shopping works best if you keep it short and sweet — leave the marathon adventure for a day when you have a willing partner or sitter to stay home with your tot. Well, in case you forgot, I am here to remind you what it was like to just run to the mall before kids
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