Impact of globalization on indian education

impact of globalisation in india

Sooner or later this will be coming to India. General Agreement on Trade in Services GATS that came into effect in the year was one such agreement aimed to create an open global market for trade in services including education.

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Volatility in international market which requires an immediate adjustment to that quickening pulse of international change, and accordingly it brings reform on several fronts simultaneously, which gives rise to a grim plight under the given resource status of higher education. This process could begin in an effective manner when there exists a stiff competition from abroad. That is the reason why many of the emerging economies, which originally depended on a growth model of import substitution, have moved over to a policy of outward orientation. The configuration of policy decisions in the recent period has been attempting to do that. The big question is also raised whether the foreign universities can fulfill the aspiration of our country in terms of our culture, civilization and the requirement of the development of the rural India. Schulich School of Business. It should also be an effective tool for promoting sustainable development. Panic and fear spread fast. He developed this system some years back. E-learning Most of the forign universities are conducting online technical degree programme. Privatization of higher education has emerged in several forms and types in the recent decade in India.

Besides its impact on the pace and pattern of economic development, it also casts its shadow on the system of education. The coming of internet has made it possible to attend college counseling online, for parents to get in touch with teachers of their children.

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It is however necessary to stress that a thoughtless and unimaginative entry into the globalised market would not be in the best interests of the countries, particularly those, which are striving to grapple with the problems of slow economic and social development.

The argument that globalization leads to inequality is based on the premise that since globalization emphasizes efficiency, gains will accrue to countries which are favourably endowed with natural and human resources.

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Learning is job oriented 7.

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Effects of Globalization on Indian Education