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This is where the rest of the film is located. Like an aging boxer this show doesn't really know where to go and what to do anymore. One that will go down as a classic.

So it keeps trying to do what it did in its youth but to lesser effect. There is a complete lack of deepness in building characters, relations and even the maturing of the idea of walking a high wire and organizing the coup was pith-less and unconvincing. That and the perfect hair At the top you discover that even a famous horse was there too.

The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center remain, always, an iconic vision of New York City, as well as the indomitable symbol of soaring ambition, vision, and the spirit of humanity throughout the world.

And James Marsden, what are you doing man? It makes it genuinely disconcerting to be faced with the fact that someone who looks like a guy who could live next door to you could be capable of such things.

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The Governor and Negan being most memorable. The effect is truly breathtaking.

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