How to write a glossary definition term

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But it has to be said. In other words, a definition explains through clarification and further explanation what we are trying to say with one or a few short words.

How to write a glossary definition term

It is also the extent to which the designers of a study have taken into account alternative explanations for any causal relationships they explore. Page What is a Definition? Distribution -- the range of values of a particular variable. It refers to the treatment of information that a participant has disclosed to the researcher in a relationship of trust and with the expectation that it will not be revealed to others in ways that violate the original consent agreement, unless permission is granted by the participant. A Dictionary of Social Research Methods. Let's illustrate that with an example. Other types of definitions will lead with what differentiates the concept and then show how it fits into the broader category. Group members share a particular characteristic [e. Grounded Theory -- practice of developing other theories that emerge from observing a group. A theory is not as specific as a hypothesis.

Enter the keywords and page contact. Then type the word. Measurement -- process of obtaining a numerical description of the extent to which persons, organizations, or things possess specified characteristics.

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Classification -- ordering of related phenomena into categories, groups, or systems according to characteristics or attributes. If you find a definition, email the team at info unifiedcompliance. Some departments and universities allow or require the glossary to be placed in the back matter, after any appendixes and before the endnotes and bibliography or reference list. Here's a passage edited for clarity from a book he recently wrote "It is easy to be too precipitate in selecting a word for inclusion in the dictionary… In general, we learned to shy away from trying to define any new word-wherever possible-until it had a chance to settle down in the language In the earlier example of "gender" and "academic major," see Dependent Variable gender is the independent variable. Expecting someone to behave in a particular way has been shown to promote the expected behavior. Policy -- governing principles that serve as guidelines or rules for decision making and action in a given area. Originally, that word meant "worthy of awe", as in "very inspiring". Constructivism -- the idea that reality is socially constructed. Internal Validity -- the rigor with which the study was conducted [e. For example, students usually complete their high school graduation requirements when they are 18 years old.

Here's a hint. A variable that is not impacted by the dependent variable, and that itself impacts the dependent variable. To avoid these pitfalls, use a glossary. Statistical Bias -- characteristics of an experimental or sampling design, or the mathematical treatment of data, that systematically affects the results of a study so as to produce incorrect, unjustified, or inappropriate inferences or conclusions.

Also used to check the validity of findings from any one method. Make a definition appear in a pop-up window Example When you link a term to the glossary and select the term in the published page, the term and definition display in a pop-up window: Create a glossary page Go to the parent page under which you want to create the glossary.

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Ontology -- a discipline of philosophy that explores the science of what is, the kinds and structures of objects, properties, events, processes, and relations in every area of reality.

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How to add a traditional glossary to a Microsoft Word document