Ghostwriting andrew crofts

ghostwriting andrew crofts

When her father told her she was to spend a holiday with relatives in North Yemen, she jumped at the chance. Lawyers and agents will tell you that you should have contracts that cover every eventuality and if that will make you more comfortable then, by all means, have one drawn up or ask the ghost if they have a standard one.

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It provided the escapism of a great travel story mixed with a personal odyssey and an insight into the fascinating world of gorillas. At the same time as dealing with the amorous advances of the sixteen year-old daughter of a gangster, who also happens to be his client, and navigating his way through drug de They just want to know that the book will arrive on time in a publishable form, conforming as nearly as possible to the synopsis or the brief.

Why should the same principles not apply to book writing?

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Chances: My Story of Love, Sex and a Second Chance Penny What if your first love was your soulmate and perfect sexual partner but you made the mistake of letting them go? The term was coined by an American, Christy Walsh, who set up the Christy Walsh Syndicate in to exploit the literary output of America's sporting heroes.

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Andrew Crofts, Ghostwriter in London, United Kingdom