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At the end of Year 2, children take SATs in: Reading English grammar, punctuation and spelling optional paper, schools can decide whether to use it Maths On 14 September it was confirmed that the KS1 SATs will be made non-statutory so schools will be able to choose whether to adminster them or not from The SPAG test includes questions that assess the following elements of the English curriculum: Sentence grammar through both identifying and writing sentences that are grammatically correct Punctuation through identifying and writing sentences that are correctly punctuated Vocabulary through identifying and writing sentences in which a word is used correctly What sort of questions will your child need to answer?

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Schools are free to manage the timetable and will aim to administer the tests in the classroom in a low-stress, low-key way; some children won't even be aware they've taken them! In addition, your child will receive an overall result saying whether they have achieved the required standard in the tests your child's actual results won't be communicated to you unless you ask for them.

This was also the case in and How will the tests be marked?

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SATs have been overhauled in both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 to reflect the changes to the national curriculum, which was introduced from September Although the tests are set externally, they are marked by teachers within the school.

Key Stage 1 maths The new Key Stage 1 maths test is made up of two papers: Paper 1: arithmetic, worth 25 marks and taking around 15 minutes.

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This was also the case in and This terminology can be a stumbling block even for children who are otherwise good at reading and writing, and make the questions hard to understand; for a parent-friendly guide to the vocabulary and how English and grammar concepts are taught in primary school see our primary literacy glossary for parents. Here's what parents need to know about the English and maths assessments in and beyond. How will the tests be marked? The SPAG test consists of two papers. There are plenty of other ways to help your child revise for the test: Copy some sentences from a book and get him to underline either the main or subordinate clause. By Lucy Dimbylow. Paper 2: a grammar, punctuation and vocabulary test, in two sections of around 10 minutes each with a break between, if necessary , worth 20 marks.

Write down some unpunctuated sentences for your child to punctuate correctly. By Lucy Dimbylow. TheSchoolRun has also produced SPAG-only practice papers, written in the style of the pre test, which are available to subscribers click on the images below to access each paper.

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