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When two pe ople had a car accident, they would just wave or yell at each other and drive hurriedly away. Speaking little Italian and only having a ticket for a train that had left hours ago, we were forced to figure transportation out and find food before we all fell out right there in the train station. The reason this city only has two subway lines is because every time they startdigging, they find thousands of year old artifacts. Journal My heart guides my head and hands. The buses were small in size, the color was a dull blue, and they contained only a few seats that were rarely available. The streets in Rome were always swamped with motor scooters, three-wheeled cars, and buses. There was no turning back. Abstract Italy is a country rich with history and life. Pictures and videos will never do justice to these works of art. The people there are very friendly and are extremely proud of their country. These statues were made centuries ago. What hooks you? No matter what, I will never forget that laughs the three of us had on this trip. I also tasted some fine chocolates, wines, and aged cheeses. Go for something special!!

To give a little bit of background, I come from an Italian family. The tortillini had soft, medium-length, hollow noodles with more watery tomato sauce. Florence had such a different vibe and look to their town rather than Rome.

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Houses with pointy roofs and all clustered in narrow spaces, many streets were never replaced and are almost hundreds of years old and almost every block in every part of the city had a history.

Rome makes you feel like you are in a big city back in the United States. Guler graduated from high school and was involved in church, and still attends church. Since then, Florence has kept the tradition going strong.

Venice had great power in I have yet to see the beautiful terrain where my ancestors had originated, but I do know that my family stems from Naples, Terre, and Rome, Italy.

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This past summer I took a trip where my culture in the United States did not match up with the vacation my family and I planned. My first impression of Florence was the gorgeous statues that were placed everywhere around the city.

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Every building still had its traditional and historic value, but anything new was only built on top of the structure. When we landed in Rome, I realized Italy would be just as hot and muggy as my sweet home Alabama. The parking was very hazardous for people because some cars would be blocked in by a small car that was parked vertical between two horizontally parked cars. Guler graduated from high school and was involved in church, and still attends church. Italian food is revered and recreated all over the world. Venice in the fifteenth century consisted of an abundant amount of art. This allows our team to focus on improving the library and adding new essays. This quote has such a deep connection to me that I currently own a large poster of Muhammad Ali with the famous quote he uttered. My trip taught me many lessons, but most of all, I am so blessed to have my aunt Shawn and Debbie. Butterflies filled my stomach as I looked out into the main canal.

Many goods were sold in fifteenth century Venice. I had about a week before spring break, and this trip to Italy was still on full throttle.

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