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But surely, it may be said, there are some works that, like nature, can never grow old; and that must always touch the imagination and passions alike!

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Epistle to Robert Southey, Esq. Is it weakness or malice? The natural world is against us: it is made up of "antipathies. It will ask another hundred years of fine writing and hard thinking to cure us of the prejudice and make us feel towards this ill-omened tribe with something of "the milk of human kindness," instead of their own shyness and venom. Old friendships are like meats served up repeatedly, cold, comfortless, and distasteful. Clothing landscape and incident with the poet's personal thoughts and feelings suited this new sort of poetry very well; but his abstract philosophical musing too often steered the poem into didacticism, a leaden counterweight to its more imaginative flights. He is revolutionary in approach and often presents himself as a critic of the monarchy and a social reformer. That is, live in the moment but fight for what you believe in and the ones you love. His low tolerance for any who, he thought, had abandoned the cause of liberty, along with his frequent outspokenness, even tactlessness, in social situations made it difficult for many to feel close to him, and at times he tried the patience of even Charles Lamb. Yet we see those who cannot go into a bookseller's shop, or bear to be five minutes in a stage-coach, without letting you know who they are. In April Hazlitt jumped at Coleridge's invitation to visit him at his residence in Nether Stowey , and that same day was taken to call in on William Wordsworth at his house in Alfoxton. One commission again proved fortunate, as it brought him back in touch with Coleridge and Wordsworth, both of whose portraits he painted, as well as one of Coleridge's son Hartley.

One is too wise, another too foolish, for us; and we wonder we did not find this out before. Not content with doing all he can to vex and hurt his fellows here, "upon this bank and shoal of time," where one would think there were heartaches, pain, disappointment, anguish, tears, sighs, and groans enough, the bigoted maniac takes him to the top of the high peak of school divinity to hurl him down the yawning gulf of penal fire; his speculative malice asks eternity to wreak its infinite spite in, and calls on the Almighty to execute its relentless doom!

For my own part, as I once said, I like a friend the better for having faults that one can talk about.

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See my page on Robert Southey. We do not tread upon the poor little animal in question that seems barbarous and pitiful!

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The spirit of malevolence survives the practical exertion of it. Mostly his political commentary was reserved for other vehicles, but included was a "Character of the Late Mr.

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On the Pleasure of Hating by William Hazlitt