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While these have reduced the costs of schooling in Bihar, much remains to be done to boost schooling infrastructure and improve conditions for both students and teachers. Recent policy initiatives and improvements in primary school enrolment show that Bihar is making progress in improving its education levels.

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Though the state accorded them government recognition, the standard started to fall. Michael, St. Disease transmission within and across schools adversely affects both the amount of schooling received and its quality.

How to improve education system in bihar

The Kendriya Vidyalayas and Jawahar Navodaya schools for rural students run by the Central government are popular in the state. How can this system be reformed and corrected? They were also told not to register students for exams. Finally, given the high cost effectiveness of information campaigns regarding the returns to education, the government of Bihar should seriously look into this policy option. It would be best to give private schools a time-limit to improve their infrastructure and establish good public schools. In this article, we will discuss the Education system in Bihar. The government should not differentiate between private and public schools. In , teachers resigned from service as they possessed fake educational degrees.

After the enforcement of the Right to Education Act RTE Act,various central governments took steps to strengthen the elementary education system in India. Focusing on the teachers themselves, most studies on the link between performance-related pay and educational outcomes find the effects to be positive.

In this article, we will discuss the Education system in Bihar. How can this system be reformed and corrected? Such is the sorry state of education in Bihar that the government has not opened even a single intermediate college in the last 15 years.

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Inadequate expenditure on the infrastructure of schools. There is a problem with parents and children demanding enough education. Institutions of national repute have opened up in Patna increasing the opportunities in higher education in the state capital.

But the question here is- How did Bihar government allow these fake degree holders to enter teaching service?

Development of western education in bihar from 1813 to 1947

This body of research highlights a strong connection between poor school infrastructure, such as lack of drinking water, and teacher absenteeism, but also suggests that improved monitoring by authorities can improve teacher attendance. The average class size in secondary schools is strained as there are about students per class or even more. Put simply, if development is to be sustainable, people need to be better educated. This has led to the birth of another class known as the education mafia, leading to many ills such as fake degrees, mass copying, appointment of inefficient teachers, schools getting affiliations without fulfilling the conditions and upgrading of government primary and high schools without creating additional infrastructure. Out of its total young population, only 1,78, students are enrolled in colleges and universities. This means only 7 colleges for every lakh population with an average enrolment of 2, in one college, while the national average is 28 colleges per lakh population and average enrolment per college was in We use ASER scores for reading and maths as our measures of quality of education. There is a problem with parents and children demanding enough education. In addition to the infrastructural challenges identified above, Bihar needs to consider other important determinants of a good education. Many institutes were inaugurated in Patna to open up opportunities for those wishing to pursue higher education in Bihar itself. We find that Bihar performs very poorly in the provision of basic schooling inputs, both in absolute terms and in relation to other states in India.

But, in Bihar, the ratio of primary, high and senior secondary schools lagged at

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Education in Bihar: Still a long road ahead