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They are inspired to act driven by holy discontentment or holy anger Agents of transformation do common, everyday things, but in very uncommon ways regardless of whether people are watching or not.

Laws, policies, and practices that counter ethnic, racial, and religious tensions developed and applied. To facilitate the mainstreaming of cohesion and integration in the Kenyan socialization structures schools, churches, mosques etc.

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Among the primary forms of diversity in Ugandan society are: ethnicity, race, socio-economic status, religion and political affiliation.

Agenda No. Strategic Objectives To build and strengthen the capacity of state and non-state actors in fostering national identity.

Difference between cohesion and integration

Mission — Develop and sustain processes that alleviate all forms of ethnic discrimination and promote diversity through knowledge creation, capacity building, advocacy, and pertinent policy development. To build and strengthen the capacity of NCIC to provide quality, efficient and effective services to Kenyans. God says to Moses what you saw the beating that made you angry, I have seen and heard, and I am going to do something about it, and I am going to use you to do it because I see you are disturbed by it too. To facilitate the mainstreaming of cohesion and integration in the Kenyan socialization structures schools, churches, mosques etc. The Commission denotes the urgency to mobilize, sensitize, train, and educate Kenyans about non-violent conflict resolution processes as well as peacebuilding initiatives that appreciate human dignity. The essential tools and processes for achieving national cohesion in Uganda evolve around good governance practices, wealth and income disparity reduction across regions and citizens, codifying non-discrimination practices, and embracing national symbols. That was the beginning of the distortion of any possibilities of national cohesion. This in a way is indicative of how Ugandans have experienced conflicts partly because national leadership has consciously or unconsciously relied primarily on ethnicity to perpetuate dominance, directing national resources disproportionately to such perceived power bases. Developing a national cohesion policy would ensure Uganda becoming and equitable and socially cohesive society there by propelling prosperity amongst its citizenry since they would all have a shared understanding of their vision and a togetherness that is appreciated alongside diversity. Transformation agents understand the perfect will of God concerning the area of responsibility that God has placed them. Annan for the Panel of Eminent African Personalities. What do you want to see change or improve in in your life, family, office, community, and Kenya? In order to actualize this, the Commission facilitates processes and policies that encourage elimination of all forms of ethnic discrimination irrespective of background, social circle, race, and ideological belief s , and by so doing, enhances the capacity for Kenyans to accept each other in appreciating the significance of diversity. The other challenge for national cohesion has been the failure to conceptualize and define national cohesion since the term itself does not by essence automatically imply the direction, substance or amount of change that would bring about welfare improvements.

Introduction: Transformation implies change, renovation, revolution or make over, restoration, repairs, repair, reconstruction, rebuilding, overhaul.

Kofi A. These conflicts have had political, economic, social and cultural costs including the lowering of economic productivity as businesses of those in opposition are sometimes deliberately sabotaged, weakening of political institutions to disadvantage other competitors, incapacity to provide essential services because of political bickering among others.

That was the beginning of the distortion of any possibilities of national cohesion.

Factors for national integration

It is expressed in the speech and demonstrated in life. From the Hansard archive But unless we achieve a measure of national cohesion, it will not be possible to do those very disagreeable things which all of us know are going to be necessary. Key Result Areas A Kenyan culture that embraces national values and upholds national identity. These colonial precedents were maintained by the independence leaders and they had created a society defined by profession and therefore created levels of despise amongst the Ugandans as the leaders started using these colonial divisions to their political advantage. They make improvements not excuses Transformation originates from a changed heart and mind. The most recent attempt at national cohesion is when NRM took over power and banned all political parties as sectarian and agents of instability in the history of Uganda and introducing what was then described as the all-inclusive Movement system of governance. To facilitate the mainstreaming of cohesion and integration in the Kenyan socialization structures schools, churches, mosques etc. Discussions under this Agenda item therefore examined and proposed solutions to longstanding issues such as: Undertaking constitutional, legal and institutional reforms; Tackling poverty and inequality as well as combating regional development imbalances; Tackling unemployment, particularly among the youth; Consolidating national cohesion and unity; Undertaking land reform; Addressing lack of accountability and transparency among leaders and clipping impunity. Inclusive public-private sector and civil society partnerships that effectively promote reconciliation and integration in respective sectors. Biblical and Current Examples of Transformational Agents Moses-What was the defining experience that forced Moses into becoming a transformational agent? National cohesion would then embrace the ideals of social justice, rule of law, unity, equality, freedom, peace. The most important strategy for national cohesion is to understand from amongst the communities by first and foremost carrying out a baseline survey to discover the main social cohesion challenges in communities by establishing the drivers of social disintegration, and identifying the existing community driven initiatives that foster national cohesion, establish the main actors in the conflicts and identify the influencers in the community who could serve as potential mediators, mentors and ambassadors of national cohesion. Transformation is initiated by individuals who are tired of the status quo.
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