Ded na si lolo

The story is simple, the scenes are hilarious, and the theme is relevant. When the dead body in the casket arrives, this causes the family to start wailing and howling. Nothing to loose if we should do all these things.

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Those beliefs have already been part of the people culture and the influences dictated by thier customs and traditions. Cannot help but ask, who are the people keep saying those superstitions anyway. Mameng mulls over the thought because they need money as they owe the hospital and the funeral parlor a huge amount.

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Moral lesson of the movie ded na si lolo

There's no violence and sex. And nobody knows why. Nothing to loose if we should do all these things. Mameng reminds her that it has been seven years since their mother has died. Unlike the Filipino-Chinese funerals depicted in the Mano Po series, the family is not well-off, so there's no inheritance that the siblings have to fight over. Get it before the burial. But at its heart, it tells the story of a family staying together and getting stronger amid personal differences and hardships. The comedy film is directed by Soxie Topacio.

The rosary should be cut so that a family member will not be the next one to passed away. Before I forget, there is also a practice for the 40 days from the time the loved one passed away. The family discusses the issue and concludes that one week is enough for the wake.

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