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Their priorities are to look good and be liked, and this contributes to their misguided paths to reach success. He knows about his situation and about his financial dependence of himself.

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He should have dreamt of becoming the best handyman or carpenter. Even Biff remains in this state of falsehood, until he reaches his epiphany. These ideas epitomize the American Dream, to become a successful, well-liked businessman From the time of the Spanish conquistadors coming in search of gold and everlasting youth, there has been a mystique about the land to which Amerigo Vespucci gave his name. His wife Linda later found a rubber hose that was attached to a gas pipe that had not been there before. They were fed up with the old, obsolete system. A reward that will make up for his sense of guilt, justify his life, and hand on to another generation the burden of belief that has decayed his soul

You hear me? No matter who you are. What Willy Loman does not realize is that to be successful he also needs his family to find him successful.

Willy is trying to peddle his sons in a pathetic archetype of the American Dream of success.

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Willy Loman's obsession with the dream directly causes his failure in life, which, in turn, leads to his eventual suicide. Is it the right to pursue your hearts wish.

After his brother came back rich Willy was never fully happy because he though he missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime and ever being rich and powerful like his brother.

A poem, written by Goethe emphasizes the opinions about the people's past, which was mainly determined by the monarchs. People from all around the world have dreamed of coming to America and building a successful life for themselves.

His mindset on perfection, obsession. The American Dream is still valid but is totally different from what it used to be. Yet, the dream that destroys Willy is not one that he has chosen.

The opportunities should correspond to the own abilities and achievement and not to the circumstances of birth and position.

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Both novels. For example in the play, Death of a Salesman, by Arthur Miller, the protagonist, Willy Loman, dreams of becoming a respected and successful salesman. Willy Loman spends the expanse of the play trying to achieve wealth, fame, and the like of others. The audience encounters Uncle Ben during Willy Loman's hallucinations of the past and as a result, it is tempting to disregard his character as just another creation of Willy's delusional mind. By focusing on serious problems that the reader can relate to, Arthur Miller connects us with the characters facing these life-altering crisis. President Franklin Roosevelt explained the American Dream as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want, and freedom from fear. Some believe in the nineteen fifties ideal created through television. It is the illusion of prosperity and happiness. The American Dream is a definite goal of many people, meaning something different to everyone. Willy is the aging salesman whose imagination is much larger than his sales ability. After graduating from high school, Miller worked little jobs so that he can save up money to attend the University of Michigan. Willy's life is marked by failure, and an almost stubborn attachment to the idea of striking it big.
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Essay about The American Dream in "Death of a Salesman"