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While he has supposed authority and command over Lennie, he is immediately defensive when faced with this relatively empowered woman.

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Any type of essay. Your time is important. Loneliness is like an illness for her and she sets out to cure it by presenting herself sexually around other men.

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In this essay I will try to explain why she behaves like this, and whether in fact she behaves like this just for attention and is concealing something. In the film there are several major differences between the movie and the book with three being particularly apparent. This shows that the light tries to get in but never manages to penetrate the darkness. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Using this information I will draw a conclusion about her personality and nature. I feel sorry for her that someone who has the potential to be so sweet and calm has lives such as sad life and has died before anyone knows her true colours. They are the most perfect examples of loneliness in the novel and they are presented as characters in contrast to George and Lennie — who live on the companionship that they share. She could be interpreted as a mis-fitting character in the novel, as no one relaters to her. In this essay I would explore this subject. It was a hasty marriage to Curley is just a failed attempt to escape from her own spiral of loneliness. Steinbeck uses these characters in contrast to George and Lennie to stress the importance of companionship. Men would go far away from their families in search of any jobs they could get, with only themselves to confide in; colleagues only filling in the void of friends and family partially. There are many themes that come from their journey such as, the gilded American dream, the bond of male friendships, the power of women and femininity. All her actions are a product of prejudice inflicted by others and prejudice felt towards Crooks. I think Steinbeck's interpretation of Curley's wife is that she is a very centered person but very heavily made up and likes to look good and one of these reasons is because 1 of her dreams was that she wanted to become a

Steinbeck is subtly suggesting here that her frustration and aggression may have another source — her husband. Get Essay His lips are also described vividly as very thin and pain-tightened.

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In Of Mice and Men, Curley 's wife presents herself in a seductive way that makes men think all she wants is something sexual. However, all the characters employ different methods to empower themselves within society and create a sense of self-worth.

It is usually described for someone who is a prostitute.

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Curley's Wife and Crooks in John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men Essay