Cover letter artist residency

You can also visit my web site at www. A hard copy is hand signed, while an email has a signature which you should always double check, as your normal signature might not be appropriate for the email you are sending. I like solemn, angular, creaky words, such as straitlaced, cantankerous, pecunious, valedictory.

cover letter for artist portfolio

This lets them know you are serious and not just sending out a bunch of letters to see what happens. Follow Directions: From requiring work samples in a certain file format, to limiting the number of words or pages, to asking for specific information, residency programs spend a great deal of care and thought developing an application process.

I continue to refine my technique and find new ways to capture the beauty around us.

Story artist cover letter

Generally a cover letter has three parts: the opening, the middle, and the closing. I believe that exposure to and interaction with my art would be a great opportunity to your students and to the surrounding community. Always include your address and phone number, as well as your email. I could have selected my publisher or an employer—but I thought I should list people who know not only my writing but what I bring to the writing community. I am only 6 but I think I can do this job. I believe that I am an ideal candidate for the Artist in Residence because I have a unique perspective on life and art that is influenced and inspired by passion and conflict. Applicants who write what they think judges want are missing out on the benefit of creating an artist statement or statement of intent.

At least not yet. Never bury this request deep in the letter as it should be easy to find.

Cover letter artist residency
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