Comparison of oedipus and achilles

After his friend is killed in battle, Achilles takes it upon himself to go after the man who killed his friend and did not stop until he died. I was fascinated by the ways this inevitability was conveyed by Chekhov and Sophocles respectively and the ways in which the actions of the characters contributed to and heightened their fate.

There death hid them. An analysis exemplifies how the Homeric myth is rendered into an allegory of the contemporary times.

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What is the significance of Delphi? Unlike Turnus, Aneas is able to place his beliefs in the fated establishment of Latium before his personal interests. Achilles, however, appears to be more hyperbolized, given his supernatural origin, while Oedipus, although possessing outstanding features, is still associated with mundane life.

Comparison of oedipus and achilles

Achilles was given an ultimatum by his mother, because she foresaw his fortune; to live and be forgotten or die risking your life, forever remembered. Having heard the prophecy stating that he will kill his father and marry his own mother, Oedipus left Corinth, and as a result, ended up the king of Thebes, having accidentally killed his birth father and married his mother. Since all mortals die, destiny is what you have done with the fates you have been dealt, and where you have taken your life A good example of a Catharsis play is Oedipus the King by Sophocles. Fate plays a major role in both stories, but each character approaches it from a different angle. Achilles, whose origin was not associated with doubt or mystery of any sort, did not experience any problems with correct comprehension of the prediction, whereas Oedipus misinterpreted the message in accordance with the lack of authentic information. Oedipus, unlike Achilles, was not given any option. Hector valued his family, was able to control his emotions, and respected the gods. According to Aristotle's definition, Oedipus is a tragic hero because he is a king whose life falls apart when he finds out his life story. He was a prominent warrior known for his great strength that actually caused the Achaeans to win many battles. Oedipus, on the other hand, does not know about his fate until it is too late and once he does learn about it, it tis too late for him to even bake a decision about whether he wants to do something about it or not. Thus, Oedipus could have subconsciously broken the predestined course of events; conversely, it was his nature that forbade him from doing so. Oedpius is easily considered good, conveys an in-character and appropriate behavior, he is imperfect and life like, and his traits are consistent.

He shows his anger in three ways. Oedipus felt as if this curse came from above, as he says in line"Apollo. With the return of both Hector and Paris, the battle escalates and is stopped by Apollo and Athena.

Being aware of the outcome of the war, and hence, responsible for the possible losses, Achilles was ultimately driven by his ego, refusing to take the human factor into consideration. Does Hamlet show any signs of selfish motives in his actions or inactions? The myth of the past is juxtaposed with the reality of the present. Later she hung herself so she did not have to face it anymore. It is often thought that you can change your destiny, but in reality our fate was put into action the day we were born. It is these two that the stories revolve around and without them, there probably would not be the same energy in the stories. Works Cited Shakespeare, William. She knew in detail about the happenings on night her husband, King Laius was killed, but made it out that there were more than one stranger who murdered him. What does Oedipus think about the clue Creon reveals about who murdered King Laios? An analysis exemplifies how the Homeric myth is rendered into an allegory of the contemporary times. When I was born my mother wanted to make me immortal so she heald me by my ankle and dipped me into the Styx River. Some may define insight as the ability to intuitively know what is going to happen, or simply as the capacity to understand the true nature of a situation. Apart from that, both characters are regarded as compassionate, candid, with a strong sense of justice. Or, in case his choice would fall upon staying away from battle, he would live long, yet forgotten Homer,

Apart from that, both characters are regarded as compassionate, candid, with a strong sense of justice. Paris son of King Priam of Troy and Queen Hecuba Because my father did not agree with my treatment he left my mother and she sent me to Be trained by Chiron the centaur to be a mighty warrior.

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Comparison between The Iliad and Oedipus Rex