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These include both the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

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There were different changes that led to the spread of democracy throughout former communist nations, and they often become the main subject of debates. They took every chance they can get to expand in the world. The United States emerged as the greatest power from World War 2. Identify the roles of these parties in this crisis and fueling conflicts. I think that no one won this war because it was both about who had nuclear weapons and a showdown between communism and capitalism. Many country has been on war with one another but they have got anything out of it, except millions of people deaths. Determine what they felt about the outcomes of this competition. Include evidence from at least three documents to support your ideas and explain how the evidence proves your point.

Lastly, provide a concluding thought that reconnects with your thesis. The effect of these changes is not only felt across the ocean but can be felt here in America.

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This caused a tense relationship to form between the two powerful countries, and led to many international affairs. Why was the Cold War such a driving factor behind the space race? This aid crushed the Soviet dream of a communist Europe, which set off the Cold War. There are writers on staff who have backgrounds in Foreign Policy, and World History who have the skills and talents to help with any essay related to the Cold War.

Cold war essay thesis statement

These countries made this world separated, especially within European countries, into two with super enormous power. This change in environment, has brought about new salient questions by scholars and policy makers about the relevance of nuclear weapons in the world.

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This Berlin Wall endured for nearly thirty years, a symbol not only of the division of Germany but of the larger conflict between the Communist and non-Communist worlds. How did actions taken during the Cold War impact the current situation in the Middle East? The United States goal was to expand democracy. Many International Scholars, however, believed that the Cold war started in the Russian revolution. It will identify two main areas of argument, focusing on the earlier part of the conflict The Cold War did not involve. Save this project in your Google Drive and use it for your senior portfolio. How are the citizens of North Korea still impacted by the events of the Cold War? The aim of this war was to spread opposing ideologies of Capitalism and Communism by the two world superpowers without the result of a hot war.

Truman broke with the policy of his predecessor Franklin D. The responsibility of the origins of the Cold War often triggers questions among historians yet both powers should be blamed for taking part in it.

The United States itself had sole possession of the atomic bomb.

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