Busy bee essay

What did you think of our facts about Honey bees? The topic I will be exploring is wether or not bees are vital to our survival.

short note on honey bee

Each swarm live in a separate hive. Individual learning, attitudes, values, motivation, group behaviors, leadership, management functions and organizational culture. Drones: These are the male bees, and their purpose is to mate with the new queen. Several hundred live in each hive during the spring and summer.

When a swarm of bees come to a new hive, they have to make the honey combs. The queen can live up to five years. That is, what people think, how they feel, why they think, feel and act in a certain way.

In Class Activities: We learn best when we are active, therefore to promote class participation and active discussions there will be in-class activities every class session.

In the novel,Little Bee,these are both huge issues. There will be power-point slides that will be provided to the students, there will self- assessment assignments given to students so that they get to know their own selves better.

They are big and lovely to look at but they are very lazy and do nothing but eat the honey gathered by others.

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Busy Bee Essay