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While you may feel more comfortable traveling around with friends, you're much more likely to get approached by others if you're alone than if you're standing with a group of people.

Step 2: Creating a Business Plan Unless your conference is being funded by a grant or organization, you are going to need to map out where your money is coming from and what it is being used for.

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Select images that convey emotion. Use a theme to tie your slides together. Tell a story. You can also join a membership site for a fee , which allows you to download a specified number of images based on your membership level. Are you going in order to: look for a new job? The grand lesson: never lean your presentation in one direction. Get local bloggers involved. Some of the best papers out there were presented to small audiences.

In fact, Google execs are shunning bullets in their slide decks. Just like building any business, great events start with a strong, thoughtful and measurable strategy. Then make sure that you proceed in line with reaching these goals.

Business presentation tips

Billetto is an event ticketing platform that lets anyone set up a conference page in a matter of minutes. Prepare, prepare, prepare Preparation for anything is key, especially for conference presentations. First, you need to start with the event planning basics like who, what, when, where and why. As you get into the event planning process, you may find that your event changes in size, location, and many other ways than you originally envisioned. Potentially a hack. It feels strange but it works. Is it lead generation? Likes short and sweet or likes story and emotion?

More often than not, a simple question like that leads to a great conversation. Bloggers usually count on a wide reach and do not usually follow traditional media rules.

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Picture how they will think and act at each point in the day to solve problems before they arise. Imagine the event, step by step, and make a 2-column list: what could go wrong in one column, and your contingency plan in the second.

Automate the essentials so you can leave work at work If you're attending a conference to learn something, you'll undermine your goals if you're reading and answering emails and IMs during presentations.


Whether you're in line for registration, grabbing coffee before a session starts, or waiting for a presentation to begin, you should be looking for conversations.

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