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Overview A business plan is a required element of any successful venture. We are one of the few facilities in the area that offer tours of our facility without appointment.

doggie daycare business plan template

We plan to accomplish our objectives by always meeting or exceeding the customer's expectations and going the "extra mile" with the best in customer service. Going forward, this trend is expected to gain further momentum as pet ownership rises and owners use their increasing disposable income on services such as dog boarding for their dogs.

Contracts range from single show to full Champion titles in confirmation and obedience titles. Market Your Kennels The market for dog kennels is unrestricted; you can travel from one city to another helping dog owners construct kennels dog house for their dogs. Cremation charges are based on the size of the pet and the type of cremation requested communal or private.

Training Our current primary clients are dog owners who want their dogs trained in on- and off-leash private obedience training or confirmation training within a mile radius of Best Friend Kennels. List your plans for creating and placing ads in local newspapers, the Internet or pet-care magazines.

Private burial costs include nametag, casket, burial and choice of color gravel for the top of the deceased pet's grave.

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We encourage pet owners to tour our facilities to see for themselves the cleanliness of our facility, where their pet will stay and how our facility operates. Financing is available for all boarding services. Cremation charges are set by our sub-contractor, Manistee Services, Inc. Kris cares for pets of friends often, and at any given time there have been one or more animals living in her home. Bradley's pointer breeding program has over ten years of continuous success and one of her dames is listed in the top producing bitches of the decade Threat: Every business faces a threat or challenge at any part of the life cycle of the business. We are quite aware that to be highly competitive in the Pet Grooming and Boarding industry means that you should be able to deliver consistent quality service and you should be able to meet the expectations of your clients at all times. There is presently no electronic security system installed within the facility. Current secondary clients are owners of other small animals requiring grooming. Runs are sized to accommodate larger guests and multiple guests whose owners want their pets boarded together.

Bowsers Bath in Tigard. We are one of two facilities in the local area providing pick-up and delivery service for boarding and grooming clients. We will not be limited to dogs only. Day Care for Doggy in N. Much more than learning carpentry and construction skills, you will also learn dog kennel marketing skills and pricing.

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A Sample Dog Boarding Business Plan Template