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This monumental effort was spearheaded by Renaissance Economic Development Corp. Later the organization worked with the Empire State Development Corp. But oftentimes, at the community level, some of the simplest initiatives have the greatest impact. Philadelphia : Temple University Press.

Even under normal circumstances, the types of clients AAFE serves have trouble borrowing money for home improvement projects. AAFE authored a research report on the subject, highlighting some of the worst offenders and laying out policy solutions.

We got involved in mortgage counseling, to help people see they could live in neighborhoods beyond the traditional Asian enclaves. The conference, as well as many partnerships AAFE has formed across New York, has established the organization as a community development leader.

Looking back on this period, Doris Koo observes that AAFE was changing along with the country, adapting to the post-protest era in America.

There were other breakthroughs for Asians in that election. The volunteers established an office in Chinatown, which quickly became a resource center for tenants facing harassment, those encountering immigration issues and workers being mistreated.

Through regularly scheduled workshops and one-on-one counseling sessions, multilingual staff members show prospective purchasers how to improve their creditworthiness, manage household budgets, apply for mortgages and access funds for down payments and other fees.

A: Today, there areNikkei in this country.

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Recycling programs, including an initiative encouraging restaurants to properly dispose of cooking oil, build greater environmental awareness. It has a staff of 77, less than a third of its peak strength in the 's.

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