Animal core facility business plan

Central administrative oversight ensures that facilities are compliant with federal regulations, are financially sound, and align with institutional priorities. Some examples include: Advertising exclusive of exemptions deemed allowable in applicable cost principles, e.

As users often pay using federal grants, core facilities are regulated by federal agencies and cannot serve as profit centers at nonprofit institutions. A formal presentation is not required, but additional information may be requested to make a final recommendation. New Core Proposals A proposal for a new core includes a business plan that contains information for a financial review and a scientific review.

starting a core facility

They are operated as fee-for-service laboratories in which users pay for training, use of instruments, consulting, and specialized services.

Where will the services provided take place? Department contacts Cost Analysis and Business Office with intention to create new service center. Once the financial and scientific review processes are complete, the application will be forwarded to the Office of Cost Analysis for final review and approval.

Over time, the service center should break even or recover no more that the total cost of proving the product or service.

Our management model is a partnership between core directors and central administrators that maintains operational control of each facility at the local level to ensure that the needs of researchers are being addressed.

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Establishing Core Facilities