An analysis of the works of the famous 20th century american author john steinbeck

Novelist Frank Norris wrote in that The Great American Novel was pure myth, a hybrid creature that could never exist.

An elusive story of and by an elusive, nameless narrator.

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Ignoring the postmodern, stream-of-consciousness experiments of many more "literary" figures Steinbeck was a straightforward, natural writer in the Hemingway mould of "less is more"—though slightly looser, more playful, and seemingly less cynical than his great contemporary.

In Steinbeck's longest novel, East of Edenwas published.

An analysis of the works of the famous 20th century american author john steinbeck

Not just for its portraiture of universal American dreams and anxieties; not for its social scope; nor for its historical and political topicality, in which it deals in spades, but rather because of its painful sincerity, its humble recognition of human failings, and its continued hope that it is not too late.

A study by the Center for the Learning and Teaching of Literature in the United States found that Of Mice and Men was one of the ten most frequently read books in public high schools.

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He published seven novels during his lifetime. However, the work he produced still reflected the language of his childhood at Salinas, and his beliefs remained a powerful influence within his fiction and non-fiction work.

In the books most often cited as candidates for the Great American Novel, male characters—Jay Gatsby, Huckleberry Finn, Ahab—have played that role, representatives, presumably, of the American experience.

Also in he published the equally enduring Of Mice and Menabout the relationship of two itinerant ranch workers, the ambitious George and the strong but simple-minded Lenny, whose dreams are crushed by events beyond their control.

But and do I really even need to say it at this stage?

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