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Eventually, though, the two marry and lead a happy life, although Dora is very bad at keeping house and is very childlike in many ways.

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This sense of guilt leads him to drink. Mr Murdstone appears to show signs of repentance when confronted by Copperfield's aunt about his treatment of Clara and David, but when David works at Doctor's Commons, he meets Murdstone taking out a marriage license for his next young and trusting wife. The text remains brief but Phiz interprets, anticipates the events, denounces even the future guilt of Copperfield: all eyes are on the girl, her bonnet, emblem of her social aspirations and her next wanderings with Steerforth, is ready to be seized. Mister Chillip The doctor who attends the birth of David. When Steerforth disgraces his family and the Peggottys by running off with Em'ly, Mrs Steerforth blames Em'ly for corrupting her son, rather than accept that James has disgraced an innocent girl. On his return, David is given good reason to dislike his stepfather, who believes exclusively in firmness, and has similar feelings for Murdstone's sister Jane, who moves into the house soon afterwards. There, David gets to know Steerforth, a fellow student who will become his greatest friend and companion, as well as the stern headmaster, Creakle. In their first year of marriage, David learns their differences as to keeping a house in order. Micawber is eternally in debt, with the help of David and Micawber's wife Emma is able to get out of debt and emigrate to Australia with his wife and children. The aunt and her roommate, Mr. Murdstone and marries Mr.

During term, David lodges with the lawyer Mr Wickfield, and his daughter Agneswho becomes David's friend and confidante. He gains power over Wickfield but is exposed by Wilkins Micawber and Traddles, who have gathered evidence that Uriah committed multiple acts of fraud. He succeeds n making a name and a career for himself, becoming a Judge and marrying his true love, Sophy.

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This sense of guilt leads him to drink. Soon, however, Mr. Four character names were found at the last moment: Traddles, Barkis, Creakle and Steerforth; [31] the profession of David remains uncertain until the eighth issue printed in Decembercontaining Chapters 22—24, in which David chooses to be trained as a proctor ; and Paul Schlicke notes that the future of Dora was still not determined on 17 May when 37 chapters had been published in the first 12 monthly instalments.

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Wickfield and restoring some of Aunt Betsey's finances. No one remains to care for David in London, so he decides to run away, with Micawber advising him to head to Doverto find his only known remaining relative, his eccentric and kind-hearted great-aunt Betsey Trotwood.

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Life is happy for David until his mother decides to marry Mr. Betsey Trotwood plays a crucial role in the subsequent life of David Copperfield, and temporarily takes David into her home after he escapes from the bottle factory where he had been confined by his stepfather Edward Murdstone, after the death of his mother.

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Both seek to remove David from his family send him to boarding school. He is fond of making gigantic kites and tries to write a "Memorial" but is unable to focus and finish it. There he meets Steerforth , a handsome, cultured boy whom he admires dearly, and Traddles , an overweight but jovial and kind-hearted boy. However, the slippery and treacherous Uriah Heep, Wickfield's administrator, is also attracted to Agnes and is determined to marry her. He works at Mr. Unlike Thackeray, who adored it, Dickens claims years later to have never read it. This was a failure because, as he tells his first love Maria Beadnell now Mrs Winter , when he began dealing with his youthful love for her, "I lost courage and burned the rest". Julia Mills — She is a friend of Dora who supports Dora's romance with David Copperfield; she moves to India when her father gets a new position. Mr Creakle — The harsh headmaster of young David's boarding school who is assisted by the one-legged Tungay. Point of view[ edit ] Whatever the borrowings from Dickens's own life, the reader knows as an essential precondition, that David Copperfield is a novel and not an autobiography ; a work with fictional events and characters — including the hero-narrator — who are creations of Dickens' imagination. Micawber meets David again, passing by the Heep household in Canterbury when David is taking tea there.

Strong Headmaster of the school in Canterbury attended by David. David and Agnes then have at least five children, including a daughter named after his great-aunt, Betsey Trotwood.

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